Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Chief Engineer Tony Bartholomew gives an appalling press release in their recent ad campaign. A pretentious English corporate type proves to be really removed from everyday life.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Redwood Forest Gnome Hunt

My son and I had a blast over Easter weekend in Muir Woods California. We put together this video with the help of Susan McIntosh.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Blind Jogger Runs Into Brooklyn

Chauncey Howell of News 12 put this piece together. Great fun!

Wear This Hat

Watch what happens when Seth Grabel takes a choice selection of hats
to the streets of New York City for people to wear.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bye Bye Betsy

Unfortunately the economy and required repairs to get Betsy to run forced me to send her to be crushed at the junk yard. I'm heartbroken. The cost of the diesel fuel pump was $1500 before labor and I just couldn't figure how to monetize her. A $6,000 investment netted me $250 in the end. Not that she didn't make it back in a big way for me. For the past 2 to 3 years she had been relegated to carrying materials for a construction company and hauling waste to the landfill. Maybe she would have made a beautiful Ice Cream Truck:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faeries VS Pirates

I think at this point most people have a general understanding of what a pirate is. You have the dirty pirates with their teeth falling out of there heads and you have your sexy pirates. But what exactly is a faerie and what are the different kinds?
This faerie has a bit more of a goth feel. She probably glamorizes magic and feels oneness with her cosmetics and a mirror. But that doesn't mean she's less powerful than a pirate. Pirates are generally warm blooded and they like to drink a whole bunch. They do seem to be mostly human most of the time. That doesn't mean they exercise humanity although they mostly will live by the pirate code of honor. What is that code you may ask? Well if I told you then...

Here obviously stands an enlightened faerie couple. He has blonde hair and bow and arrow and his wife holds the sceptre. Is this one of the reasons that we see mostly female faeries about is that the women in faerie society have control of the phallic objects? The male faerie may be required to stay home and handle 'female' chores. These faeries were probably just posing for the Foyim, the non faerie society, as these paintings have been known to bring in beau-coups faerie bucks by selling them to the above mentioned tourists.
Here we see a faerie that wants to cover his budding male sexuality. Not all that uncommon for incredibly good looking male faeries to want to do this until they have control over their magic wands or they just give up trying to control them. This may take a long time as some faeries have been known to live over 400 years.
This faerie or one of her affiliates will help you enter into an altered state of consciousness with some type of faerie dust.

Should you have leftovers of any kind please donate them to this male "Beer Faerie". The phrase commonly iterated by others around this faerie is, "What happened to my beer?" Be forewarned to keep an eye on your libations in it's presence at all times.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Steampunk: Love and Science

It was about 20 degrees out last spring when the Kostume Kult crew put the SteampunKK wheeled mechanism to the street. The crew included Matthieu Boardman, Mike Rage, Christopher Marlborough, Dre Reznik, Jim Glaser, Ilya and more.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cooper vs Smith Reunion

My annual Smith family reunion generally entails swapping a lot of stories that have happened over the past year, eating a big Sunday meal with a lot of starchy foods and swimming in the river.

We've gotten a little more sophisticated through the years, with keeping the flies off the food and ourselves out of the sun; Alan Miller picked up some patio tents at Walmart.

This year was a little more unusual. Reg Cooper pulled in about 12:30 and said the Cooper reunion was about to start playing music. The Cooper reunion is held the 2nd Sunday of every August on the other side of the mountain. So it's a little unusual for someone like me of the Smith descent to go a visting over there but I was so interested in getting some video footage of the music I figured I'd a risk getting shot or something.

When I got to the Cooper reunion I couldn't believe my eyes. Theirs was being held underneath a pavilion and the people were dressed up in their Sunday finest. Not only that but they had electricity and were speaking through amplifiers. Some people had stitched 'Cooper Reunion' onto pillows and towels and things. The music was wonderful and I got some good video too.

When I finally got back to the Smith reunion Reg was there and he asked what I thought of the Cooper Reunion. I looked around at my family, they are all sitting around, some shirtless, bellies hanging out, food on the table with flies buzzing around. The fence is broken down and the house lists to one side. I said, "Come on people, let's pull it together. Over there at the Cooper reunion they're giving out door prizes, they've got printed programs and everything!"

My family didn't bat an eye and just kept on talking. I think that's when we all went back for 3rds.